Brochure with important information


Here we will put in important updates if needed.

Important info

The training will start on Thursday afternoon. Please make sure you will have arrived to Reykjavík by 16:00 16th of august.
Day of departure is Monday 20th of august.
Participants will have to arrange their sleeping from the 19th-20th of August by them selfs*
Food, travel and sleeping from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening is included in the price.
Cost of the training course is 200€
Registration deadline is 30. July 2018

The aim of the course

We want to learn and share experience about how we can use games as tool to teach and inspire young people. We are facing times now a days where children and teenagers do not necessary learn how to play and social awkwardness a long with social isolation is threatening our young adults as well as social inactivity.

It is our duty to share the know-how of how to address this situation and increase the quality of informal education through games. We aim to make our „tool box“ bigger and learn how we can through fun and inspiring methods get children and teenagers alike to forget about their phones and tablets for awhile and learn how to play and interact with one and another in the most natural way. 

We will get high class teachers as well as sharing our own experience during peer to peer sessions. 

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