ÆSKÞ, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland youth organization.
established in Reykjavík in February 2006.


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  • ÆSKÞ is a NGO.
  • Members are most church youth clubs in Iceland.
  • ÆSKÞ wants to give young people from 6-30 years old an opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ and live a life of faith. ÆSKÞ does this by offering events and leadership training to all Icelandic youth clubs and thereby creating important bonds between these clubs.
    • Every year ÆSKÞ organizes a big event for all youth clubs in Iceland. This event brings together 600 – 1000 young people at the age 14 – 16 year old. The event is held in various places, e.g. it was held in Akureyri 2010 and in Vestmannaeyjar 2009.
    • ÆSKÞ offers many other projects and events in all parts of Iceland. The goal is to serve every youth club in Iceland.
  • ÆSKÞ offers various training programs for leaders, sometimes in cooperation with other organizations.
  • ÆSKÞ is a member of European Fellowship (EF) and encourages Icelandic youth clubs to work with foreign clubs by participating in ecumenical projects and events.
  • ÆSKÞ is a platform for workers and volunteers in youth work with in the Icelandic church, ecumenical work in Iceland and abroad.